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Who we are

KERAMET is a commercial company that operates in the field of floor and wall coverings, developing on 4 main sectors:




1) The OUTSOURCING COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICE consists in providing our highly qualified Commercial Director to the sales department of the client company with the task of training and managing the sales network according to the objectives set with the principal.
At the customer's request, KERAMET can support one or more Area Managers alongside the Sales Director to complete the sales network management department.
This staff can also take charge of the research and selection of agents to whom to entrust an area of ​​expertise.

The advantages of this type of advice are many:
- KERAMET provides a full-time operational sales manager available to the company. This can assist officials and agents in meetings and schedule appointments with important partners, supporting the sales network in an operational way.
- KERAMET boasts a fleet of agents and loyal customers that it can insert in the company to strengthen the sales network and guarantee results that last over time even after the end of the consultancy.
- KERAMET makes use of an internal graphic studio able to set up marketing campaigns or manage and fully define the graphic aspect of the products to make them more effective on the market.
- KERAMET offers flexible advice with guaranteed results.
The collaboration ends when the objectives set with the principal are achieved. If during this period the client company is not satisfied with the results obtained, it can terminate the contract immediately.
- The KERAMET formula allows a reduction in fixed costs in the commercial department, this allows companies to be able to concentrate investments on other strategic areas such as plant engineering, marketing, research and development, etc.

2) KERAMET boasts a decade of experience in the management of LARGE ORGANIZED DISTRIBUTION.
It provides the company with a complete staff capable of interfacing with the various interlocutors of large-scale distribution (from the Buyer to the staff in the various stores), identifying and referencing products based on market trends and the geographical location of the stores.
The staff includes an internal graphic studio that takes care of the promotional and exhibition aspect.
It can also sell products directly through the “KERAMET” brand referenced as a supplier by the major players in the large-scale retail trade to avoid overlapping with the retail sales network of companies.

3) KERAMET can collaborate with companies wishing to import and sell products thanks to its commercial experience gained in these 10 years of work with international partners.

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